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About Lady

How it started

 I've always had a fascination with video games. I remember this one sleepover at my aunt's I woke up very early and my cousin was downstairs playing the original Resident Evil. I was a few years old at the time and scared shitless but couldn't look away.  I grew up playing Mario on NES and SNES and  I think that's where my anger problems started! (jk..kind of). As much as I loved all kinds of video games the one that really hooked me was Tomb Raider. I've admired Lara Croft ever since I was a kid and can't get enough of the franchise. Tomb Raider has always been there for me to dive into whenever life took a wrong turn for me and never failed to get me out of hard times!

Becoming Lady

I took my passion for video games and decided why not live stream them? I began on Twitch.tv in 2014 and have made so many fun memories and friends along the way. I became affiliated with Twitch in 2017 and the support has been amazing! My ultimate goal with this is to get partnered and go to fun events. I make youtube videos sometimes of funny/ridiculous stream footage. I started streaming on Facebook in 2018 as well and I have had the best time I've decided to do the majority of my streams there.

What I do

When I'm not streaming I rescue orphaned kittens who are too young and fragile to be adopted out. I'm extremely passionate about animal rights and do all I can to help animals in need. I also work at a cat only vet clinic as an assistant! 

And they say they I'm not good at video games..